Instagram Reels Bonus Eligibility 2024

Instagram Reels Bonus Eligibility 2023


Instagram Reel Bonus is the greatest turning point in the history of Instagram. This is a way of monetization by creating engaging content or reels. When you regularly share new and relevant content, Instagram might offer you extra opportunities. What are Instagram reel monetization requirements? a popped-up question, I know. This is why I am writing a detailed explanation of the eligibility and ineligibility for the reel bonus.

Who Is Eligible For Instagram Reel Bonuses?

Instagram offers content creators an opportunity to earn bonuses directly through their platform. These bonuses are based on specific criteria and performance metrics.

Eligibility and Program Rules

Sometimes, Instagram will let you know if you can join a special bonus program. However, this offer might only last for a while. When this offer expires, you will see the date you open the bonus program in the Instagram App.

Branded Content and Bonuses

Right now, if your content is branded (meaning it’s promoting a product or brand), it doesn’t qualify for these bonuses. These bonuses are usually for other types of content.

Meeting Bonus Requirements

To get a bonus, you need to meet all the rules of the specific bonus program. Each program can have different rules, so make sure you understand them.

Varied Bonus Programs

These bonus programs’ rules and details can differ for different people. When you join a specific program, you will learn the rules for that program.

Tracking Your Progress

You can keep track of how close you are to earning a bonus in your professional dashboard. But remember, it might take up to 24 hours for the dashboard to update and show your progress and earnings.

Honest and Real Content

Instagram won’t give bonuses for content that is dishonest or fake. Your content needs to be genuine and truthful to qualify for bonuses.

Not an Endorsement

If you get a bonus, it doesn’t mean Instagram is endorsing or promoting your content. It is just a way for Instagram to reward you for your good work without officially supporting or recommending your content.

How to qualify for Instagram Reel Bonuses?

Qualifying for Instagram bonuses involves many key factors and actions. A specific criteria is set that must be fulfilled by creators to be chosen by Instagram for bonuses. Here are some general steps and considerations to increase your chances of qualifying for Instagram bonuses:

Upgrade to a Creator or Business Account

To access bonus programs, you need a Creator or Business account. If you have not already, switch to one of these account types in your Instagram settings.

Build a Strong Follower Base

Focus on growing your follower count and developing an active community. A definite and active follower base can make you more appealing to Instagram for bonus programs. A fast track for increasing followers is using the Instapro Android app which is free to use.

Create High-Quality Content

Continuously create visually captivating and captivating content. Quality content is more likely to perform well and catch Instagram’s attention.

Community Guidelines

Always follow Instagram’s community guidelines and content policies. Avoid any behavior or content that violates these rules. It can disqualify you from bonuses.

Consistency in Posting

Maintain a regular posting schedule to show your commitment to content creation. Consistency can positively impact your eligibility.

Engage with Your Audience

Engage with your followers by replying to comments and messages. Building a genuine connection with your audience is a plus.

Participate in Themed Challenges

When Instagram boosts such participation, engage in themed challenges, prompts, or trends. These activities can be tied to specific bonus opportunities.

Track Performance Metrics Closely

Keep an eye on your Reels’ performance metrics, including views, likes, comments, and shares. High-performing content can improve your chances of qualifying for bonuses.

Create Catchy Content

Stay updated with current trends and create content that aligns with popular topics, challenges, or seasonal events. Trend-relevant content can boost your visibility.

Professional Dashboard

Keep an eye on your professional dashboard within the Instagram app for notifications and updates related to bonus programs. This is the place where you will obtain details regarding your eligibility.

Payouts and Bonuses

Understanding how payouts and bonuses work on Instagram is important for content 

creators looking to maximize their earnings. 

Earning Bonuses

To earn bonuses on Instagram, you must meet the specific requirements for each bonus program. These requirements can change depending on the program you are participating in. Your approximate bonus earnings will be visible on the bonus-specific progress page. 

Determining Earnings:

At the end of the bonus period, Instagram will calculate your earned amount based on your performance according to the bonus program’s rules. This calculation considers the specific metrics and targets outlined in the program.

Payment Timing:

The earnings from one month’s bonus period are usually paid out in the next month. For example, if you earned bonuses during the month of July, you can expect to receive the payout for those earnings in August.

Professional Dashboard

This dashboard keeps track of your earnings, progress, and bonus-related information within the app. It will provide clarity and allow you to analyze your performance and earnings.

Timely Updates

Be patient when checking for updates because it may take 24 hours to dashboard for updates.

Bonus Specifics

The specific details of each bonus program are different, including the metrics used to calculate bonuses and any program-specific rules. 


First, you need to activate the creator’s account. Then, stay active and consistent in posting the new reels and content. 

Avail Instagram Bonuses by producing good content, doing affiliate marketing, and applying related strategies. 

Yes, you can earn money by using valid resources from reels on Instagram.


Winding up my words, you can earn money from Instagram reels. Try to achieve the Instagram bonuses by fulfilling all the eligibility criteria. You can do this by staying active, avoiding brand promotion, and creating honest and relevant content. Stay vigilant for Instagram’s official announcements to stay updated with the latest information. Your dedication and creativity can unlock the potential for bonus earnings.

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