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GB Instagram

GB Instagram APK

NameGB Instagram APK
CategorySocial Media 
Size73.13 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0

Introduction to GB Instagram APK

GB Instagram

Instagram by Meta has become one of the most interactive social apps nowadays. It already has a billion users, which clears the fog from its popularity. Still, some users need more functionalities on the official Instagram. However, it needs to give more features and customizations that satisfy its users.

So, if you love using Instagram but wish to have more features, we warmly welcome you to the platform GB Instagram. It is the modified version introduced to us by third-party developers. It offers you a lot of advanced options and customization options. 

With the existing features, you can enjoy all the new benefits without paying a dime. These are the pro features like multi-account logins, free media download, in-app lock, and many more. You can feel like a pro-social enthusiast simply by downloading this. 

What is GB Instagram Holding

You might be wondering why everyone loves this app. What is GB Instagram? And how does it differentiate from the original version? Well, my fellow reader, it is the modded version with many pro features waiting to serve you. It has a lot of customization with new changes in the old app. 

It starts with the downloading feature, where you can save any image or video from Instagram. You don’t need to use any other app or tool to do this. After that, according to your taste, you can change the theme, font, color, icon, and layout of the app.

Furthermore, it allows you to hide the online status, disable the seen tick for messages, mark any media or message with a star, translate any message or caption into your preferred language, and much more. Most importantly, it assures you complete privacy as it is safe to use.

Features of GB Instagram

GB Instagram

We can see the increasing popularity of GB Instagram, which has won the hearts of millions of users with unique features. It significantly changed people’s lives, giving them unique experiences like never before. Let us discuss all the important features one by one.

View Full-Screen 

The first feature that will give you goosebumps is a full-screen preview. It helps you to watch videos and other content in full-screen mod. It increases the detail and quality of the content. To enjoy this feature, tap on the media you want to see. It will automatically open in a new window with a full preview. It gives you a larger and clearer view without downloading or saving it.

No Risks

Excitingly, you are safe from getting banned. Security threats are relatively easy for this app to deal with. How does it work? When you use the simple Instagram app, there are some rules to follow. Your account could be banned if you accidentally break any of these rules. But this is designed in a secure way to keep you safe. So when you use it, you can have more peace of mind.

Multi-Account Login

An amazing feature on your table is the ability to log in to multiple accounts at a time. Suppose for a moment you have more than one account; where are you going to open it? You must log in every time you want to use another profile. But now, simply stay login in and switch to a new account. These all are the premium perks of GB Instagram.

Unlimited Customization

It is one of the most fantastic things for a GB user. You have the energy and allowance to change things up. Select from many templates to make your Instagram look unique. You can also modify the colors of your notifications, chat bubbles, and even the heart buttons. And let’s not forget about the fonts. You have complete control over the font’s size as well as font style.

Hide Online Status

Here comes the best privacy control ever, as you have the ability to hide your online status. It gives you the power to decide when you want to show your online presence and when you’d prefer to go anonymous. Go wild and scroll to the end without the green spot that marks your presence. It can really help you to enjoy the content without interruption.

Star Feature

Now, you have the ability to highlight any message with a star. It usually works when there is some important message from your friend that might help you later. In that case, just select the message and star it. Later, you can find it without any effort. Similarly, you can star a post and save it for later. For this, just tap the star icon, and that post or message is saved in a separate section.

Auto Translator

Language barriers have been the biggest challenge faced by our audience in the normal app. So, we added the auto translator to give you a complete experience. Explore the global Instagram community with this unique feature. You can connect to people worldwide and understand each other’s messages without struggling with language differences.

Free to download

Your favorite app that gives you multiple features is free to download, that’s right. You don’t need to pay a single penny to enjoy hiding your online status, customizing your themes, downloading photos and videos, and others. It is because you can download this app from our website for free.

In-App Lock

Get your Instagram a secret code that makes it more secure with the in-app lock. It increases the account’s safety as no third person can access your Instagram now. Set a unique pin and make it personal like never before. So, go ahead and protect what’s important to you.

Zoom Options

Pinch, drag, and zoom your photos with our latest feature. You can zoom in and notice the finer details of a picture or video. Interestingly, even on zooming, you can have an HD view, which means it will not break the pixels of content. View the details of a picture without compromising on quality.

Follow Back Check

Ever wonder which accounts are following back? Welcome to GB world; here, you can easily check your Instagram connections and review who is engaging with you. This way, you can easily manage your social media interactions. 

How to Install GB Instagram App

This is the simple process to download this app for your Android device. 

  • Go to your Android phone’s settings. 
  • Look for security or privacy options. 
  • Here, permit you to install apps from all unknown resources. 
  • Now, come to our website and tap the download button.
  • Download the APK file.
  • The downloaded file will be in your file manager.
  • Go there and click the file; a message will pop up if you are ready to install the file.
  • Click yes and continue the process.
  • That’s all. Now, your favorite app is just a tap away.

You can follow the same process to download the GB Instagram lite APK. 

Install on PC

To enjoy this app on a PC, you need to follow these steps:

  • To use this app on your PC, you need an app player; to me, BlueStacks is the best option.
  • Go to its official website and get it. 
  • After it’s installed, go ahead and launch it.
  • Now, look for it; downloading it from our website is the best option.
  • Double-tap on it to install, and select where you want it to be on your PC.
  • Wait for the installation process.
  • Now, open it and enjoy the unlimited features of the magic application via BlueStaks.

My Experience

Instagram is my favorite app, and I use it most frequently. I wanted more excitement on this platform. This is when I found GB’s Instagram. This modified app gives me unlimited customization. I enjoyed using Insta without showing when I was online. Anyhow, my favorite feature was the star feature that let me highlight posts and chats that mattered most. So, if you also want some excitement, I highly recommend this app; it is worth a look.


If you want the latest version, you are in the right place. You can get v6.0 from our app for free.

No, this app is safe to use and free of any risk.

No, it is not available there.

Unfortunately, it is not available for iOS devices like iPhone or MacBook. 


Winding the article in words, GB Instagram is the most flexible app with unlimited customization. It lets you get a full-screen preview, multi-account logins, anonymous mod, copying descriptions, zooming DP’s, and many more. You have the privilege of auto-translation, which breaks the language barrier. Get into the journey of this social app and enjoy your treat. Download Gb Instagram Pro APK now for free, the most updated version of 2024.

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